ART-341 Spring 2022

Segment 1: Close Encounters

Completed painting.

For this segment, our prompt was to paint the details or up-close perspective of any subject matter we wanted to. Our focus was to be the arrangement of shapes in the frame, texture/technique application, color, and craftsmanship. I was initially unsure of what I wanted to do for this piece. I was going to do a close-up photograph of some leaves I had taken a while ago, however, while trying to get the leaves right, I discovered that it was more difficult than I had anticipated. The leaves have a translucency that I do not have the skills to replicate yet, so I decided to move on to something a bit easier.

The image I decided to paint.

Restarting the painting. Here, you can see the original painting of leaves I was going to do.

Final stages of the painting.

I admittedly struggled with this painting quite a bit. The subject matter I am the best at portraying through art is people, so choosing to paint objects in nature alone was a bit of a challenge. However, the snow and the blurry background also proved to be difficult. I thought the blurry background would be a fun technique to try since I never had before, but it ended up being more of an inconvenience and source of frustration than anything. I decided last minute to blur the background completely and allowed large brush strokes to be more dynamic to add some interest in the area. If I could do this painting again, I would definitely spend a bit more time trying to get that blurred effect right. Additionally, the snow on the post where the sign is placed was deceptively difficult to get to look decent. I attempted to use a variety of brushes to get the texture down, but it still did not come out as I wanted it to, which was a shame.

A highlight of this piece for me was the actual sign, which calls the most attention due to its complementary yellow color to the blue hues in the snow. I enjoyed doing the graphic design of the owl and doing the letters was surprisingly easy. I believe that I will use words in my future work, as I think it could provide a nice detail and support any ideas of narrative I try to include.

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