ART-241 Fall 2021

Self-Analysis/Self-Portrait Painting

Finished self-portrait.

For this painting, we had to use a 16×20 inch canvas. We were assigned to work in the style/method of another artist, as explained in my Final Prep: Ideas, Sketches, and Notes post. I took a photograph as a reference for this painting. In this piece, I am wearing my binder. I am genderfluid and it felt important to incorporate some aspect of that identity into this self-portrait. One cannot immediately tell it is a binder, especially if they do not know what binders look like, which is another reason I choose to add a blanket as a sash to slightly cover it up. It was important to me to show it but not have it be a focal point.

Sketch with a base color.

Beginning stages.

In progress.

In progress.

In progress.

The hardest part of this painting was getting used to the style of my chosen artist, Aïcha Wijland. My usual style of painting involves slightly blending but still leaving visible brushstrokes. Aïcha uses a square brush and keeps brush strokes as intact as possible. It was difficult at first to stop myself from blending, but eventually I found a flow and was able to follow the style successfully.

If there were anything I would change about this painting, I would probably go back to redo the face. I felt as if the proportions were slightly off, however I was running out of time to work on the painting. Regardless, I still like the end result. This project was helpful in exploring different styles and most definitely made me more confident in my painting abilities. In the future, I think I will incorporate some of the techniques I learned from this assignment into my regular painting style. I especially liked the way I painted the hands and the chains, and I feel as if those are the most successful areas of the piece.

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