ART-241 Fall 2021

Self-Analysis/Final Painting

Finished final painting.

For this painting, we had to use an 18×24 inch canvas. We were assigned to work in the style/method of another artist, as explained in my Final Prep: Ideas, Sketches, and Notes post. We were allowed to paint whatever subject we desired, the only requirement was that it be sourced from imagery made by us. As mentioned in the aforementioned post, the inspiration for this painting came from a piece I had done in my 400 level drawing class. I thought it would be interesting to see how that work would translate across mediums.

Sketch with a base color. Painting has begun.

I took my painting home so that I could work on it over Thanksgiving break.

In progress.

There were a few problems I ran into while doing this painting. For one, the source material (again, as seen in my Final Prep: Ideas, Sketches, and Notes post) was originally a drawing that only had yellow hues in it. That was going to be how this painting was going to originally be as well, however, it quickly became clear that the piece would be hard to view with that palette. Therefore, I added red to various areas to add more contrast. This assignment was a good lesson that ideas don’t always translate across mediums the same way. Another issue I ran into was, once again, painting the style of the artist I chose, A├»cha Wijland. There are a few sections that were specifically hard to maintain this style in, such as the variety of fabrics throughout. I feel as if these sections are too harsh, and if I were to do these sections again, those areas would be ones I would particularly focus on. These areas were potentially more difficult due to the fact that there were many other objects in the composition that I needed to take into consideration.

Overall, I felt as if this piece was fairly successful. Like I mentioned before, there are definitely areas that I would redo if I had more time. At first, the piece is a little difficult to read, but that is the purpose of this composition. It is meant to invoke feelings of confusion and of being overwhelmed in the viewer at the sight of how much has to be cleaned in such a small corner. Looking at the completed painting, I believe I achieved that feeling well.

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