Katherine Taylor, Untitled 23 (Easement), 2011. Oil on linen, 6″ x 4″ | Sally Mann, Untitled, 1990. Gelatin silver enlargement print toned with tea, 38″ x 48″.
Close up of Taylor’s piece.

At the Dana gallery at Agnes Scott College, there is a current exhibit named Side by Side. These two pieces intrigued me the most because of the fact of how solemn the atmosphere of the two is. Although Katherine Taylor’s is so small, the emotion of the piece is extremely effective at that size. The piece seems to be of either a flooded road or a pond in a desolate area. Either way, the mood of this piece is sort of calming, yet almost mourning at the same time. My interpretation of this mood comes mostly from the color scheme Taylor has chosen; the dull colors and emphasis on the reflection represent a sense of being lost. I really was enthralled by the use of colors to create such a serene atmosphere.

Close up of Mann’s work.

On the other hand, Sally Mann’s photograph is striking yet radiates a sense of homesickness. Her composition, and focusing on the blank sky and horizon allows for the viewer to feel calm. However, the dark contrasts in the shadows of the photograph bring in an unsettling feeling to the entire work. It could depend on each viewer, but to me, it feels as if the photographer is yearning to return to this place, though their memories of being there are not all positive. I particularly really like how the artist left the photograph black and white, and it even reminded me a bit of the old places I would ask home.