Finished mixed media project
Initial thumbnails for project

For this project, we were assigned to explore different mixed media and techniques. While we were allowed to use black and white media used in previous assignments, the focus was to explore color and new variations of media. Not only that, but we were also encouraged to draw subjects that aren’t tangible as well. Therefore, the theme I chose for this project was a dream that reoccurred throughout my senior year of high school.

The first piece in progress

This project was personally a challenge for me, not only because I had too many assignments to do for other classes, but also because it was an extremely rough week for me and that impacted the quality of my art. Nevertheless, I persevered and decided to do my pieces on 10×12 paper to lessen the burden. For my first piece, depicting the hallway, I initially wanted to use chalk and oil pastel. However, it did not have the intense effect I desired, so I decided to instead use color pencils and an impressionistic style to relay a feeling of unsettlement to the viewer. Also, I utilized complementary colors and analogous colors where I could to contribute to that feeling. I outlined the hallway in red ink, not only because it adds to the agitated atmosphere, but also because black ink would have been too intense and would have distracted the viewer from the strokes of the color pencil.

Thumbnails for the second piece

My second piece is, in my opinion, my weakest piece because it was the one I completed last. At first, I had wanted to draw busses leaving me behind, but the composition and perspective were complicated, so due to time constraints I decided to draw the idea presented in the picture to the right instead. The figures in my dream did not look exactly like those that I drew, but the colorful swirls inside of their bodies is an aspect that I was able to translate onto paper. If I could do the piece again, I would make the figures seem more translucent and the swirls more organic. The texture of the road was done with old mascara that I had laying around. I am satisfied with that aspect because I feel that it adds to the uneasiness of the drawing. The background was done in watercolor and ink, however, if I were to do the project again I would figure out how to make a background that contrasted the figures more than it currently does.

The third piece in progress

My third piece is simple, but I am satisfied with the end result because it conveys the emotion I intended it to. The light from the lamp post was done with yellow watercolor and the background was done with Sharpie and red ink. The details in the yellow triangle were done with black ink, and I utilized textures in order to provide shading and extra features to the environment behind the standing figure. I manipulated the negative and positive space in the area outside of the triangle in order to convey trees and the spaces between them. In the negative space, I drew red eyes looking in different directions, and the bulb of the lamp post serves as a transition to these since it looks an eye itself. 

The fourth piece in progress

My fourth piece was done in watercolor as a wash for the interior of the car and my face, and pen was used to add details to both faces and the interior of the car. The pen was also used to add the words in the background, and I utilized color pencils in order to add color and emphasize the car. The composition of this piece is pretty successful in my opinion, as the close up of the face allows the viewer to see the fear in her expression. By leaving the figure mostly white with only a small bit of shading, the viewer is able to see the man as a focal point but not stay stuck on this portion of the drawing. This entire project was challenging for me since it withdraws drastically from a style I am comfortable with, but overall I am satisfied with the end product, especially considering the amount of time I had to complete it.

As mentioned before, the theme of these pieces is a dream that reoccurred throughout my senior year of high school. In this dream, I always woke up in a school that I did not recognize or have ever seen before. The hallways felt claustrophobic, and I was immensely unsettled being there. The school was entirely vacant, but yet it felt so incredibly loud at the same time. As soon as I left, I saw school buses leaving me behind. There was no one outside, and it was completely dark, so I ended up having to make my way home by walking. The roads I went on were empty, but I still felt uneasy. It felt as if there was something, or someone, following me. Whenever I turned back, there were large figures following me, but I only ever saw them in flashes. After walking on that road for a while, I finally came to a flickering light post. However, as I stood under it, it stopped flickering and I had a moment of ease and warmth, even though my journey there and, most likely forward, were unsettling. In a flash, the lamp post turned off, and for the first time, I heard the rumble of a car pulling up beside me. I look into the passenger’s side and notice that no one is in the driver’s seat. But, most importantly, there was a man in the passenger’s seat staring at me, his hand gripping the window sill. However, he didn’t have any eyes, he didn’t have a mouth, and he was completely white. Then, I would wake up.