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Month: October 2019

Art-160 Midterm Self Assessment

Completed art midterm

The most difficult part of my midterm piece was actually coming up with the grid system that I would use to divide it. At first, I was going to make the borders of the grid obvious, which would divide the piece into individual sections. However, I instead decided to use the metal structure in the middle of the still life to divide my paper. I then figured out my composition in a way that would allow for a harmonious dynamic throughout the work, and then I came to the realization that my midterm was not as divided as I had hoped. To resolve this problem, I downsized the size of the midterm into a rectangle, and with the remaining space, I created a border in which the subjects of my piece would be blacked out.

Art midterm halfway finished

I believe that my usage of negative and positive space could have been improved, but my strongest usage of this was with the ropes and their border counterparts. The contrast of the undefined ropes and the solid color of the border added a strong contrast that I believe was needed in the piece. Also, my usage of pen ink in the flowers provided an aesthetically pleasing difference in the negative and positive space within and around it. Speaking of contrast, I believe that the shading of the bird and the rock formation was too similar to the point where they almost began to blend together. If I could do the project again, I definitely would have lightened the bird so that the contrast between it and the rock was more drastic. 

Art midterm in progress

In my midterm, I made the background black with the usage of India ink. I was initially not going to do this, but I believe that that choice was what ended up making this piece so successful. The only other place I used India ink was in the metal structures; I diluted the ink with water so that the solid color didn’t get lost in the background. As I said before, the flowers were done with a pen, but every other aspect was done with the other black and white materials in my kit. The lightbulb and the bird were done in graphite, although I added charcoal to the bird in some spots to increase the contrast. The cow skull and rock formation were both done in charcoal, charcoal pencils, black conté, and vine charcoal. The nest of the bird utilized a technique I used in my six small drawings assignment— I blacked out the shape with Sharpie and then added in detail with the white conté over it. Although I am fairly comfortable with these materials, the paper that I was working on made it feel as if I was using them anew. I came to like the paper later on, but figuring out how to manipulate the paper into properly doing transition values was challenging. 

6 Small Drawings Self Assessment

Completed 6 Small Drawings

Throughout my pieces, charcoal was the main media used since it is the one I am most comfortable with. The black conté stick was also used with charcoal, and the heaviest concentration of these media is found in my cow skull drawing. Every form of graphite in the kit was used lightly throughout each piece. The heaviest concentration of their use is in the blind contour drawing, where I utilized them to shade by cross-hatching. Sharpie was used in two of my backgrounds, in the outlines of the blind contour drawing, and to block in the shapes in order to shade over them with the white conté stick. 

Blind contour drawing in progress

Blind contour is a method that I am fairly comfortable with, so I paired it with the media that I am the most uncomfortable with. The drawing of the shelf with a ball-like form on top was initially created utilizing the subtractive method; although I ended up going over the focal point of the piece with charcoal. The wires in the background were kept the same way I initially made them. The piece with white conté on top of Sharpie was a challenge for me because I had never used that technique before, but I am satisfied with the way I executed it. The glass vase in this drawing was fairly difficult, but I believe that my use of values allowed me to properly translate the vase onto paper.

Thumbnail of skull drawing

My strongest piece was my skull drawing, not just because it was the one I spent the most time on, but because my highlights and values are pronounced and are distinguished from one another. Not only that, but the high contrast of the black in the background allows for the foreground figure to become the focal point of the piece. My weakest work was the piece in which the vases are on the left of the composition because my intent for the piece had not been executed the way I expected, which was to be realistic. This is one way in which I need to grow as an artist; I need to learn to manipulate what I have to make something new, not just to manipulate what I have into what I wanted. Another way I need to grow as an artist is to become more comfortable with graphite because in my experience with the blind contour drawing, it was a nice media to use but I wasn’t comfortable enough to use it that much more in other pieces.

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