Credit: “Soft Morning” by Nathalie, available for
reuse through Flickr.

My top five strengths according to my StrengthsFinder results are empathy, individualization, developer, ideation, and restorative. Of the five strengths identified in my report, empathy is the one that I would like for others to see the most in me. Empathy is one that I put a lot of emphasis on because it was what my mother’s lessons to me as a child usually consisted of. My mother raised me to be compassionate and generous to those who were worse off. For example, my mother always encouraged me to help those who were being bullied— to be their friend if I could so that they weren’t alone. These lessons have shaped the way I am now, and those who know me would, without a doubt, say that it’s not a surprise that empathy is at the top of that list. My work style is based on working hard but making sure that everyone is content with either their work or with the project as a whole. That’s why, in a group, I’m often the one bringing the group together, because I’m in tune with everyone’s emotions. Although empathy might not be the first quality one might look at when considering leadership, it allows me to see and fulfill the needs of those around me.